2020 Porsche Pajun Predictions and Features

Tuesday, January 1st 2019. | Porsche

The 2020 Porsche Pajun is smaller and younger brother of the Panamera. Actually, these cars are very similar. The platform will probably be the small Pajun, the nickname for the Panamera junior sedan. Porsche is expected to present many good stuff. 2020 Porsche Pajun could come with a hydrogen fuel version and a battery electric one. Last statement they released said that Panamera Junior will actually arrive as 2020 year model as they first have to consolidate the current lineup. Porsche claims that the Pajun is still in its building section, so at this point, there is no official announcements and most informations are just speculations.

2020 Porsche Pajun Release Date

2020 Porsche Pajun Exterior and Interior Design

2020 Porsche Pajun is a new generation of mid-size sports sedan that combines Panamera and Junior, but it definitely has its own distinct attributes such as sleeker LED headlights, coupe roof-line, aluminum wheels, new exhaust system, revised last fascia and a brand new design for the bumper.

2020 Porsche Pajun Redesign

This concept was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Cab offers the most luxurious materials and technology that will leave you breathless. The designers here intended for the 2020 Porsche Pajun to look a little bit sportier and more luxurious, and by the look of it they have succeeded.

2020 Porsche Pajun Concept

Inside, 2020 Porsche Pajun is bound to be as refined as any other car from German car maker’s lineup. All models will be offered with leather seats and high-quality, soft surfaces in dashboard, door panels and pretty much all around the cabin. The Porsche Pajun is expected to have a more intuitive infotainment system controlled by a center console that’s completely a touch screen. The dashboard has been purposefully oriented and inclined towards the driver to improve the overall driving experience. Other features include automatic climate control, telescopic steering wheel, and navigation.

2020 Porsche Pajun Interior Design

2020 Porsche Pajun Powertrain and Performance

The production cars was initially planned to be offered with gas and diesel engine options, powered with a 3.0 liter V 6 engines in both gas and turbo diesel versions, along with the electric drivetrain. However, according to the latest report the conventional drivetrains are being dropped in favor of a battery electric system. The reason is because the company feels like the luxury sports sedan segment is too crowded for one more conventional car which doesn’t bring anything new to the table. 2020 Porsche Pajun has taken eMSB structure based on the new system, the rear mounting for the electric drive motors. Two electric motors drive the rear wheels and the new structure frees additional space in the trunk, although they were placed lithium-ion battery electric motors. Automatic transmission transmits torque to all four wheels. For those who do not believe that it is on the threshold of pure electric concept with the autonomy of 248 miles, needed is wait for the release of this 2020 Porsche Pajun.

2020 Porsche Pajun Engine Specs
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